Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Mr Bunjangles and his Trinkets

These are Mr Bunjangles Trinkets in his box! There are a number of objects which are collected and made. Crochet carrots and his made suitcase which has his bow tie, and another waistcoat. He also has his magicians hat.

This piece of work is based on Kurt Schwitters, "The Story about the Rabbit".  This was a two week project for University and I had decided to make a Rabbit and then create a character using all the collected and made items. This is to suggest that he is a Punch and Judy Puppet Master/ Magician. I was generally think of the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland going down the Rabbit whole with all of his trinkets and the Rabbit that belongs to a magician. It had developed from these ideas into Mr Bunjangles and his Trinkets.
This is my crochet rabbit! Mr Bunjangles!

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