Monday, 4 April 2011


These Penguins are my newest designs. They have been proven popular as they have sold out at we are Birmingham. I love their blank stares and and cute expressions. I will have them available in a range of different colours.

Panda Panda

A new and improved Panda sold at We are Birmingham

Everybody wants to be a Cat

These little Cats were sold at Made it Market Craft Fair in Cambridge to help Fundraise for the NSPCC. I love tabby and stripy cats and currently working on some new designs

Grey Tabby Cat

Ginger Cat

Purple Cat

My Rabbits are for Sale at We are Birmingham

These are my lovely little crocheted friends designed by myself. Ready to have homes of their own for easter. These are have been sold but if you would like to have your own customised bunny please let me know and email me at Depending on how many orders I have I'm sure I will be able to make one as soon as I can but please email me.

I am currently making more to be sole at We Are Birmingham. An art gallery/ shop to promote local artists. My work sold out in a week. Yay! Order one now quick of you would like to buy one off me : )